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VIBE: Rizq and Resilience – Navigating Life’s Path

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Your father gave an expensive gift to your cousin, who was less fortunate than you. Did you feel like that gift could’ve been given to you? Did you feel like that cousin stole your share? Did you feel that had that cousin not existed, your father would have had more to spend on you?

Your husband took your mother-in-law out for a drive. Did you feel like that was your time and your husband should have given that to you? Did you feel angry that ‘you’ had been waiting all day for your husband to return home, but he left for a drive with your mother-in-law instead? Did you feel that if you would’ve lived in a separate home, your husband would have had more time to give to you without the interference of your in-laws?

Your friend visited another friend on the day you wanted to spend time with her. Did you feel jealousy towards that other friend? Did you feel that had the other friend not existed, you would have had a closer friendship with the person you like?

Or do you sometimes feel like your parents would have had more love to give to you if you were a single child?

I, too, have been a victim of similar feelings throughout my life. I felt during many situations that had this been true; I would have had more of this and less of that. 

But someone recently told me that if you believe that the time someone can give to you is Rizq, then know for sure that Rizq is in the hands of Allah (SWT). No person can increase or decrease the tiniest amount of whatever is written for you! Neither can you take someone’s share, nor can someone take yours! And from that day on, my life has been a lot simpler. Having faith in the justice of Al – Razzaq!

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