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Walkthrough – The YC Yearly Planner 2023

Make it Happen 

Ready to hit 2023 with a new year, new me resolution? We may have just the thing to make it finally work this time around. If you are tired of not hitting the goals you’ve been dreaming of for years, YC’s Yearly Planner is just what you need to stay on track and motivated. So let’s start with the name of Allah and pray that our plans sync with His plans. May we channelize our submission to the divine wisdom of the Best of Planners to find our way to our best self: Bismillah!

  1. Spiritual Reminders

What makes YC’s Yearly Planner unique? It’s the faith-boosting dose of spiritual reminders every few pages that power you to elevate yourself. These include authentic ahadith and Quranic verses with snippets about how to benefit from them personally, along with the best of quotes from our speakers. Allah says:

“And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers” 

[Quran 51:55]

You never know which of these reminders may turn up at the perfect timing being highly relatable to what you’d be going through in the coming months. It’s always best to keep the door open where the divine light may seep in.

  1. Goal Setting and Ideas

Not only does the planner nudge you to write down your goals, but even inspires you with countless productive suggestions of what goals to include. The planner suggests that you assort your goals into categories like: academics, fitness, family etc. Breaking your master plan into such sections makes your journey all the less overwhelming and ensures that you don’t neglect an area of your life to later regret. You get to personalise, prioritise and pursue!

  1. The Monthly Layout

Every new month starts with an agenda list to set your highest priority tasks at the core. From there on, you get in deeper using our monthly tracker with all the instructions laid out to make it a smooth journey.

Using the monthly layout, you get to mark your tasks on a calendar chart. Having your month visually laid out helps you be well-organised and stay at the top of your game. The planner teaches you how to colour-code your tasks and have your entire schedule at a glance. What’s more, it serves as your checklist to ensure you’ve completed your tasks. So start checking off and check out for the most productive and well-organised phase of your life.

  1. Dua List 

Some goals seem too high up to reach and while believing in yourself is what they all preach, how nice would it be to have a sprinkle of miracles and for Allah to hold your hand while you push yourself up? That’s exactly what the dua list helps you do. Opening up your heart to receive help from the One who is Ghani (The Most Giving) is a surefire way to fill your life with abundance. You are urged to dream up your wishlist signed off to the One who possesses everything your heart could possibly desire, and if this wouldn’t boost your optimism and hope about getting what you want (or better), what would? Along with deepening your connection with Him, this helps you to better express and envision. Going back to the list would remind you to regularly make that dua to accelerate its acceptance. Now imagine re-reading that list and realising how many of those duas have materialised by His Mercy: bask in the bliss of blessings!

  1. Habit Tracker

YC’s planner has your handy-dandy habit tracker to keep you set on the habits you’ve been wishing to cultivate but just lacked the consistency for. These tiny actions eventually build up who you are as a person and do a snowball of goodness for your mind, body and soul. Prophet (SAW) let us know of the value of the small good habits we strive to adopt – keyword consistency – in this beautiful hadith:

“Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately and know that your deeds will not make you enter Paradise, and that the most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.” 

[Sahih al-Bukhari 6464]

  1. Budget tracker

What keeping track of your finances does is that it makes you more responsible and stress-free. It can prevent you from compulsive buying and give you more room to breathe for things that are truly worth the buck. Doing this may help you avoid three destructive financial habits: stinginess, extravagance and wastefulness by overspending. Allah encourages us to rather hit the sweet spot between the extremes in Surah Furqan while mentioning the qualities of,

 “The true servants of the Most Compassionate…” 

[Quran 25:63]

One of their attributes He mentions is that:

“They are those who spend neither wastefully nor stingily, but moderately in between.” [Quran 25:67]

YC’s Planner splits your financial fields into three, giving you a lot more clarity So start your budgeting journey with YC’s very own Budget tracker now and may Allah add barakah in your rizq.

Is that all? “Absolutely not!” Stay tuned for a tonne of exciting features yet to be unfolded.

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