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Weekly Wrap-up! Church girao ya Azadi manao 19.08.23

This week’s podcast has been posted on our new YouTube channel @raja.ziaulhaq .

Kabhi Ae Naujawan Muslim, Tadabbur Bhi Kiya Tu Ne

Woh Kya Gardoon Tha Tu Jis Ka Hai Ek Toota Huwa Tara

Tujhe Aaba Se Apne Koi Nisbat Ho Nahin Sakti

Ke Tu Guftar Woh Kirdar, Tu Sabit Woh Sayyara

Ganwa Di Hum Ne Jo Aslaf Se Meeras Payi Thi

Surreya Se Zameen Par Asman Ne Hum Ko De Mara

Pakistan ka matlab kya La ilaha illa Allah. What does it really mean? Amidst all the independence celebrations, have we ever pondered on the real essence of freedom? Seventy-six years ago, we got this country in the name of Islam. Today, it seems to be about everything but Islam. No wonder why, even after all these years, we’re still enslaved. Although we’ve secured the land, the chains of mental subjugation persist. Does there lie a silver lining? Watch the full episode to find out!

The Jaranwala incident has triggered nationwide condemnation. Even if an individual has engaged in an unlawful act, it remains unacceptable for the public to take the law into their own hands and resort to violence, especially against a minority. It’s vital to remember that the actions of a small number do not define the larger majority.

News of the week: Donald Trump pledges death penalty for human traffickers. UK teacher buys child abuse footage from India. Russia to adopt Islamic banking practices in response to Western sanctions.

Viewer of the week: binge-listening MWA during commute and gym sesh is the new cool. Engaging discussions and thought-provoking content are proving to be a refreshing and enriching way for people to make the most of their daily routines.

Puncture of the week: who needs philanthropists, social activists, or revolutionary scientists when we can honour someone who has truly mastered the art of promoting “filthy and unlawful” content? With eyebrows raised and for all the right concerns, Sarmad Khoosat is next in the line to be honoured with Sitara-i-Imtiaz. 

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