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Weekly Wrap-Up! ft. MWA – The Satanic Plan

From Footballers to Swedish Communities: 

Voices Unite Against Quran Burning Worldwide 

Muslims and Christian Allies: 

Standing Together Against The LGBTQ Agenda 

Shedding Light on Child Trafficking: 

Unveiling the Dark Reality Of The Filthy Industry 

Palestine Under Fire: The On-going Struggles and Call for Justice 

For Our Muslim Brothers & Sisters

Amidst the heart-wrenching latest incident of Quran burning in Sweden, there is a beacon of light in the fact that there has been a global condemnation of the act. In the unity of Muslim footballers and the Swedish community itself, there’s an example for us of how raising our voices against such anti-Islamic agendas should never stop, no matter how hard they try to strike us with the arrows of desensitisation.  

Another good news is coming your way: Muslims and Christians are coming together like never before, joining hands against the acceleration of the LGBTQ agenda. The unprecedented push of LGBTQ parades, explicit content, and media targeting kids of all ages has awakened Western societies, concerned parents and even pro-homosexual and lesbian groups. Speaking out against making children a part of such putrid ideologies, their chants go loud and clear: “Leave our kids alone!”

Before moving on to the serious stuff, let’s have a bit of a chuckle, shall we? This week in the Break the Ice segment, Ahmed Khan stole the show for his reading abilities, oh wait, not just reading — but the fastest reading skills in all of YC. A round of applause for that! 

This week’s Viewer Of the Week segment is brought to you by the YT’s comment section ft. bluegreenwaves9481 and muhammadsaim1837, rejoicing Umar T’s & Ali E’s wardrobe choices for last week’s episode. In their words: 

“Masha Allah Umar bhai’s kurta colour is so good, 

earthy tones have another level and vibes”.

“Ali E. looks very decent in shalwar kameez. 

I always like him when he wears it”.

And finally, the ever-so-interesting, Puncture of The Week brings in the oh-so-inclusive views of the very famous Fashionpreneur, Nabila Maqsood. With a rainbow-coloured heart posted on her Insta account, this was what she had to say: this post helped me identify and block 49 followers with peanut size brains/haters. I think I’ll be using similar posts to filter my platform. Well, let us do the hard work and #helpsisternabilaout by disconnecting ourselves from her newly-found woke ideology of #equalityforall. 

Coming back to our discussion, a new Hollywood release, ‘The Sound Of Freedom, ‘ is all set to highlight the harrowing reality of child trafficking. With over 2 million children falling victim, this filth of an industry takes a league of its own when it comes to bad. Starting from kids getting abducted from third-world countries to being raped and tortured down to the animalistic ritual of being sucked out of the adrenaline from their own blood vessels pumped from the height of fright and scare. And that is then injected back into the predator’s bodies for a dose of high. 

And this does not end here! Tied with its sibling industries, the content is filmed throughout and is used for child pornography, fed on pedophilia sites and sold to top-tier undercover organisations, making them billions of pennies! 

Last but not least, with over 146 Palestinians killed, 2023 has marked one of the bloodiest years for Palestine so far. With on-going attacks every other day, people being forced to close down their only means of bread and butter, pregnant women being tortured into travelling long routes to reach hospitals and several other devastating stories. This is only the tip of the iceberg! It makes us think how brutal of a world we live in today. 

But, as it is said: 

Every cloud has a silver lining! 

And so, the take home lesson from this week’s episode: it’s high time to put your thinking caps on and see things for what they really are. The society we live in has both: evil and good. When one gets rightly denounced, the other shines through. We gotta help people see the good in the thick of evil. Instead of making ourselves vulnerable to these woke agendas, choosing to dig deeper, doing our own research, pondering, questioning and raising awareness is the way to go. 

The work is slow, and the change might delay, but what has to be done has to be done anyway. 

May Allah (SWT) grant us the strength to stand for truth and be a source of lasting change. Ameen! 

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