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Weekly Wrap-up! Gay Nikkah 15.07.23

Worst of the Worst: a Muslim biological male identifying as a woman tied the knot with another non-Muslim biological male with the support of MPV. Echoed with the recitation of Surah Fatiha, the ceremony featured rainbow-coloured themes. Such an utter blasphemy of Islamic values and the nikkah itself has brought in major backlash from the Muslim community.

News of the Week: Miss Beauty Queen OR Mr Beauty Queen? A biological male identifying as a woman wins the Miss Netherlands crown! Surely, what could be more representative of true female beauty than a biological male, right? Good thing the global outrage was electrifying in response to this absolute nonsense!

Puncture of the Week: Pakistani man claims to be Imam Mahdi, says he has real dreams. A psychological issue or publicity stunt, we are not sure! Seems like all you need these days is a vivid dream, and voila! You’ll become the chosen one overnight! May Allah (SWT) protect our ummah from imposters, ameen.

Satan — his only weapon: Experience and Patience! Four major tests: faith, wealth, knowledge and power. Shield yourself with Surah Kahf! 

Call MWA: children’s storybooks and school supplies — no longer safe! Perfectly masked into the curriculums with six-coloured rainbows instead of seven, the agenda is operating in full swing. 

Human rights champion — so-called! Israel dictates Pakistan directly and, for the first time! Condemns non-LGBTQ stance and more! Honestly, from a territory founded on mass murders, ideological warfare, illegal occupation and anything but human rights, #sorrynotsorry, we don’t buy stuff!

Fitnah on Turbo Mode: With anti-Islamic accelerations seeing no boundaries, we are surely moving towards the end of times! 

Our Sole Defense? Reconnecting ourselves to the Quran, Sunnah and our Islamic ideology. We got to step into the battlegrounds and take charge, for no one will do it for us. It’s time we invest in ourselves, realign our values, strengthen our beliefs, appreciate good, call out for evil, and build the Muslim community, stronger than ever before, ready to raise the flags of Islam very soon! 

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