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Weekly Wrap-up! No Gangsters In Paradise 12.08.23

Remember the days when success was a charming mix of grace, education, and values? Today, it’s all about money, fame, status, and power. After all, who needs virtues when you can flaunt your luxurious lifestyle on social media and gain a massive fan following? It’s not who you are anymore but how much you can make others believe you’re rolling in cash.

Living in a world of materialistic pursuits and impressionism, where morality has taken a backseat and bad has become the new cool, it is important to revisit our definitions of success. If success was all about money, Qaroon would have been the most successful person. If success was about how much power you have, then Pharaoh would have topped the list. In reality, success is not what it seems to be in today’s era.

Amidst this rat race, finding the right direction requires introspection. Ask: What’s your life’s purpose? Is it about impressing others? Dedicate some time alone to have this mental clarity about life and where you’re headed. Limit social media because you’re what you consume. Strengthen your connection with Allah (SWT) and ponder upon death often, a reality that holds us from losing ourselves in the temporary allures of this world.

Puncture of the Week: Japanese man spends $14,000 to transform into a dog. Muslims in Canada plan “Million Person March” to protest against LGBTQ ideology in schools.

News of the Week: World Bank suspends funding to Uganda over anti-LGBTQ stance.

Ghazi University Scandal: Two more professors accused of sexual assault. Incidents like these, one after the other, are striking to make us understand that the time of merely expressing sorrow is far gone; now, we must raise our voices and take a firm stance against such atrocities and hold those in authority accountable for their misuse of power.

Call MWA: a conversation on rights and responsibilities, male-female interaction in the corporate world and the rulings on hijab in Islam.

Viewer of the Week: MWA podcast over OTT platforms anywhere, anytime. Emails to the Ministry of Education to raise some noise.

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