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Weekly Wrap-up! Transgenders in Women’s Universities 05.08.23

Break the Ice: as horses gracefully avoid stepping on the rainbow flag imprint, the interesting video roars fitrah! Only if humans could also show some intelligence.

Not so long ago, we came across such cases in the West where a biological male (identifying as a woman) raped a lady in a female restroom. Welcome to a progressive Pakistan where a transgender woman (a biological male identifying as a woman) can now join women-only universities. Wondering about the repercussions, watch the podcast to find out!

Puncture of the Week: DAWN News strikes again with a pretentious piece, “Necropolitics of Maria B”, which was nothing but a swamp of weighty English words as if a thesaurus could have saved their day. Fun fact: it didn’t!

Picture this: a hardcore women empowerment advocate bashing not just any man but a woman! Uzma Yaqob, in her recent clip, seems to confidently preach lessons of tolerance while bashing Maria B alongside, who dares to have a different viewpoint than her. Nice!

Book of the Week: Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men? By Warren Farrell, James P. Sterba and Steven Svoboda.

News of the Week: House of Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Gender Affirming Care Policy, strictly condemns allowing kids to make life-altering decisions like gender reassignment surgeries.

How Maulvi Are You: with Tuaha Ibn Jalil on the hot seat, the maulvi metre skyrocketed to a 100 within the first few questions of the week!

MWA Call: Pakistani dramas – the epitome of filth! Aspiring to become a hafiz? Ponder upon the meaning and teachings as well. An AI-generated app called “Tarteel” can be a great help.

Bringing in some more from a progressive Pakistan. “Be the Next Miss Trans Pakistan” award! After all, what could be more virtuous and respectable than encouraging something that the Prophet (SAW) has explicitly cursed and condemned?

Attention girls, a word of caution here: While AI innovations bring convenience, they also pose extreme privacy risks. Avoid storing or sharing personal pictures on devices, as they can be vulnerable to misuse.

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