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Weekly Wrap-Up! Troublesome Teenagers 22.07.23

This week, teenagers — the talk of the town! How often do we hear them say, “Oh, come on, I know everything”? With confidence oh-so-cool that tiptoes the line between self-assuredness and arrogance, high energy, surging emotions, limited knowledge, and a lot to prove, today’s teenagers wrap themselves around in a false sense of fulfilment, wanting to get noticed or heard.

While acknowledging the fact that growth factors, puberty, hormonal changes, and chemical imbalances contribute to the disturbing attitudes seen in teenagers, the real question lies in how to navigate them effectively. Here, parents play a pivotal role in this journey, and it all begins with genuine understanding. By taking the time to comprehend the intricacies of their teenagers’ emotions and experiences, parents can build a foundation of trust and support. Once this connection is established, channelling their energies in positive directions is the next step.

In doing so, it is essential to distinguish between appreciation and empty praise. Expressing love and respect is also key, as it helps insulate teenagers from seeking validation from unhealthy sources. Striking a balance between rewards and consequences is also vital, teaching them moderation and responsibility. 

In addition, providing them with a holistic approach to life by immersing them in the inspiring stories of Muslim heroes and role models. Studying their trials and triumphs instils a sense of purpose and guidance, showing how devotion to Allah (SWT) can lead to greatness. Educating them about the realities of Jannah (paradise) and Jahannam (hell) also serves as a moral compass, encouraging them to make choices that align with Islam. 

Remember: tarbiyyah is a lifelong process and requires continuous efforts! 

Viewer of the week: CBT therapist from UK shares how her non-Muslim patients wish they came into this world with a manual. Only if they knew, they indeed came with one. Reverting to Islam is all it’ll take!

Novels anyone? Well, you better be careful, as some trending Urdu novels these days have raised eyebrows and not for the right reasons. Bold and mature, containing the type of explicit and inappropriate content that can’t even be discussed here, these novels are nothing but written porn. And not to be confused by this innocent illusion: oh, I am just reading. Just like the food we eat impacts our bodies, the type of content we consume affects us as well, and thousands of research studies attest to this fact. Such novels are like that slow poison which gradually spreads in the reader’s mind, corrupting the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and, in the end — the whole personality! 

A few tips on reading: before starting any book, always check the author, the reviews and the table of contents to decide whether the read will be beneficial for you or not. 

News of the week: bringing in some good ones this time! To begin with, Montana’s Governor signs a law defining gender as only MALE or FEMALE. Moreover, Russian lawmakers passed a bill outlawing gender reassignment. 

With the start of Muharram and Ashura just around the corner, let us not forget the significance this month holds. Apart from fasting and zikr, let us also reflect on how this month commemorates some pivotal events in our history — a mark of true bravery, unwavering courage, and absolute tawakul in Allah (SWT). With that, reflecting how the essence of loving the Prophet (SAW) and the Sahabas is not just about the emotional attachment but, more importantly, in emulating their actions and way of life.

Call MWA: Discussed two most popular questions of all time: 

1. If my provision is already written, why do I need to work then? 

2. If God is All-Knowing of my ultimate fate of entering heaven or hell, why put me through the test in this world? 

How Maulvi Are You?: With Haider Kaiser Satti in the spotlight, the fun segment concluded this week amidst the love of cheesecakes and the desire for speed! 

Book of the Week: “Why Liberalism Failed” by Patrick Deneen. A “white man” himself writing how it “failed”? What an irony!

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