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Weekly Wrap-up! University Scandal Bahawalpur 29.07.23

Incident at Bahawalpur Islamia University: 5500 video clips of female students from Islamia University shared on porn sites. As investigations continue, it has come to light that numerous people from the university’s management were involved in this reprehensible blackmailing ring. The question arises, was this just a mere incident, or was it an accident waiting to happen?

On one side where we condemn the corrupt mechanisms of our educational system, we can’t just ignore the inappropriate culture fostered in our universities. With the free mixing of opposite genders, dance parties, prom nights, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s like putting oil and fire together. Allowing men and women to coexist in such settings, giving them opportunities to go astray and then expecting them to remain naive or disciplined is nothing but a recipe for disaster. 

And yes, how can we forget those cringy love tales, bad boy novels, and to top it all off — the Western influence, social media bombardment and the tik tok trends that further blur the line between fiction and reality, where girls and boys finally get to live out what was once just a mere theory.

Oftentimes, the pressure of getting good grades also leads to vulnerability and exploitation by teachers who manipulate students with promises of good numbers. Understand that getting grades is not the end of the world and certainly not at the cost of your mental health, inner satisfaction and imaan. 

A tip of the iceberg: this is just one incident that made it to the media; countless similar cases of drug abuse, alcohol consumption, exposure to explicit content, harassment, and blackmail brew beneath. It’s not just girls but also boys who suffer as victims in this growing trend. We must look beyond the surface and recognise that these issues have been simmering over time until they finally erupt. 

Barbie anyone? Or, should we call it a ‘Master’s class in gender studies’ wrapped in pink, just perfect for our innocent 6 to 11-year-olds? Surely, who wouldn’t want their young minds to be exposed to ultra-feminist radical narratives, pro-LGBTQ jokes, and dirty humour, right? And let’s not forget how the men are portrayed as mere props in this rosy Utopia, conveniently labelled useless, while the women reign supreme, doing whatever they want. Indeed, what a splendid example of a trashy “movie”, oh sorry — dolled-up agenda propagation. #NotForYoungMinds 

Call MWA: A thought-provoking discussion with some leading women from various walks of life sharing the joys of womanhood — a daughter, a sister, a mother and a nation builder. 

News Of The Week: China has officially shut down the last LGBTQ centre in Beijing. Miss Italy Beauty Pageant banned transgender women from competing. Saudi Arabia and UAE ban the release of the new Spiderman movie due to trans kids posters. Anti-LGBTQ protests take place at the Georgian Pride Festival. 

Puncture of the Week: UNDP suspends transgender HIV programme with GIA. Funds meant to prevent HIV were misused for illegal purposes.

Transgender activists’ opposition to Shariat Court reveals hypocrisy after hypocrisy. A defiance even against Islamic laws? It’s evident — they are not going to stop. Good thing, we, too, are ready to fight till the very end In Sha Allah!

Book of the Week: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Douglas Gillette and Robert L. Moore. 

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