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Weekly Wrap Up! War crimes 21.10.23

The advocates of human welfare, pioneers of inclusivity, forefronters of tolerance and believers of freedom of speech, may I ask you a simple question — why?

Over the course of the last two weeks, what we are witnessing as a generation is not far from existing in a nightmare. The numbers speak for themselves: over 6,000 bombs, millions of airstrikes, the horrifying use of white phosphorus, the desecration of the deceased, and the severe deprivation of basic necessities for countless civilians, with a death toll relentlessly climbing. It’s more than words can explain; a brutal genocide, an implanted war crime, a deliberate mass erasure.

Yet, we see the Western media, with our own eyes — all biassed. Policies are swayed, laws are circumvented, official coverage is notably skewed, and even influential figures take positions detached from the context of human rights. Adding to the complexity of the situation is the inaction of many Muslim-majority nations.

The question that looms is whether the time for collective action has not already arrived. As Muslims, we are part of one body, and it is high time we set aside our differences. Truly, what unites us is far more significant than what divides us.

Our shared identity holds immense power. It is this unity that those who wish to suppress us fear the most. Allah (SWT) is giving us signs. It’s time we start anew, writing the chapter of our lives inked in the teachings of Islam, etched in the foundations of taqwa. Let us not hold back the truth and build an empire that is unafraid to step up and be its saviour.

Book Of The Week: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

News Of The Week: Amjad Jalebi, a transgender official of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Rahim Yar Khan, has been issued an FIR for raping a 12-year-old boy. What’s striking is the absence of mainstream media coverage, possibly due to influential figures preventing its public disclosure. In contrast, India has recently denied petitions to legalize same-sex marriage, a good example for Pakistani officials to learn from.

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