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What you lookin’ at?


The Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said:

“..A sin is what creates restlessness in the soul and moves to and fro in the breast, even though people give you their opinion (in your favour) and continue to do so.” (Musnad Ahmad and ad-Darimi)

Gives a whole new perspective on actions and tortured thoughts, doesn’t it?

It is truly amazing to read of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam). Today if one says they do not wish to talk to the opposite gender unless they have to, they give you the oh-you-weird-extremist look. I wonder sometimes if we are starting to consider ourselves superior in faith than our pious predecessors from the Prophet’s era, like our mother ‘Ayesha (radhiAllahu anha) for instance. The lady did not chat with her camel handler, and neither did the latter make any attempt. Why though?

The conclusion is clear as daylight. They were the ones who had submitted truly, and we have not. Had our visions been tamed, and our gazes lowered, we wouldn’t be screeching thus:

You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?

– K.P.

Today we’re advocating bold gazes, and look-in-the-eye concept. Anything less is just too old-fashioned. The gaze is the absolute first step to sin. Allah wouldn’t have instructed us otherwise:

Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what they do. (Surah Al-Nur: ayah 30)

And He says it first to men! Yes, that point has long been under discussion but really, if we but clear the fog and become ones to submit for a moment, and then read the above – we would see it a little more lovingly and with grace. You can wear your tight pants and shirts, stare at women from your (so-assumed) superior positions with that terrible sardonic air, and then you have the temerity to suggest that women are the ones corrupting the society?

We all require to put in our maximum efforts. No one shall be able to get off that day blaming it on the other’s perfume, or clothes. Everyone has to carry their own burden and be answerable for it too. Everyone shall have to battle their own demons (which take up residence in the heart precisely after such staring encounters). I remember I once came across this interview on television where this actress was talking about her role in some movie and when asked about how to ensnare men, the lady very solemnly replied,

“Look into his eyes, look into his eyes, and look into his eyes…”

Only goes to show what some apparently harmless gaze can do. What to do then? Well, nothing worth doing or rewarding was ever too easy, was it? How ever would you be able to enjoy the taste of victory then? To this end, the most foolproof of methods involves asking for help from the most High. Know how we’ve been reading all these years about prayers being a shield from sins for the believer? Bring that into use. Ask the Almighty for help, and He is never One to disregard the sincere pleas sent His way. Reflect on the incomprehensibly beautiful rewards that await us in the form of Jannah, and how we do not wish to displease the One who loves us many more times than all the love of people combined.

Oh, and stop watching those romantic movies, scratch that – do NOT watch the movie if it has a clear hero and heroine. They are selling some serious smelling garbage in the name of Love. Shove away the romantic themed literature, especially the modern one. Stalk some good company until they decide to make you a part of them (Hint: Good folks usually do let you in soon.). Hunt for a simple translation of the Quran, and read 3 lines each day; no more no less; and ponder on it through the day. Happy taming then!

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