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Winter Escapades — Top 5 Enchanting Destinations To Visit This Year!

One of the most common phrases heard these days comes from exhausted students, disgruntled employees, and stressed out parents alike: “Give me a break”. But have you ever thought, what kind of break? Perhaps taking a nap, scrolling on social media, or bingeing online videos isn’t refreshing enough. 

Are you looking for something that will truly enchant your eyes, strengthen your soul, and help you make amazing memories? Look no further: travelling is the dose you need! 

Allah (SWT) mentions in Surah Ankaboot, 

Say: Travel in the land and see how (Allah) originated the creation, and then Allah will bring forth the creation of the Hereafter. Verily, Allah is Able to do all things” [Quran 29:20]

This ayah demonstrates the true essence of travelling for a Muslim, which is to ponder and reflect upon the greatness of Allah (SWT) ‘s creation and enjoy the magnificence of his universe. 

Travelling is a source of tranquillity for the eyes, faith for the heart, and rest and relaxation for the mind. Planning your journey with loved ones can further enhance the experience as you can make valuable memories and cherish quality time together in a peaceful environment.

The next question you may ask could be: where to travel? Well, here are five worthwhile destinations to visit this winter:

  1. Dakhain Waterfall

Situated just an hour outside Islamabad, Dakhain Waterfall is one of the most stunning pieces of nature. Despite the rocky trail, reaching the waterfall takes no longer than a half-hour hike. Once you get to the waterfall, you can sit on the large rocks, close your eyes and listen to the mesmerising sound of flowing water.

  1. Pipeline Trail, Ayubia

While visiting this trail during any season is an enjoyable experience, the winter wonderland has its own unique beauty. Walking on a thin patch of fluffy white snow, the serene view of the mountains below will blow your mind. The walk is easy, with no uphill slopes to exhaust your spirits. The trail spans 5 km and opens in Dunga Gali. And if you build up an appetite, feel free to drop by a dhaba for some good old paratha and chai afterwards!

  1. Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort, located near Jehlum, is renowned for its distinctive architectural design. Enormous walls around this fort stretch over 4 km, with fortifications designed to withstand both natural disasters and enemy attacks. History and photography enthusiasts alike will find themselves tempted by the archaeological remnants. As one of the best-preserved examples of Muslim architecture and military tactics in South Asia, this fortress was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in Pakistan in 1997. Inside the fort’s walls, a tourist museum has also been constructed. 

  1. Mangla Dam

While you’re visiting Rohtas Fort, you might as well take a quick detour and make Mangla Dam a part of your trip, too! Also situated near Jehlum, Mangla Dam is the second-largest dam in Pakistan and features a massive lake filled with rich blue water, providing coolness to the eyes. A recreational area has also been created near the dam to provide water sports activities for tourists.

  1. Mushkpuri Trail, Nathia Gali

This scenic trail starts off with a mini zoo showcasing animals such as leopards and brown bears. Mushkpuri is the second-highest peak in the Galiyat area. It begins with a steep climb but gets simpler as it progresses. The total distance to the summit is around 3 km. The winter season greatly enhances the experience by providing a breathtaking landscape featuring a blanket of fresh, clean snow and a gorgeous pine forest. However, it is advised to be cautious in certain parts of the trail. Overall, the Mushkpuri track is ideal for a peaceful retreat to enjoy the spectacular scenery featuring the grandeur of nature.

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