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“There is no exercise better for the heart than
​reaching down and lifting people up.

One of the most effective ways of inspiring positive change in society is through community service. The Social Welfare Department of Youth Club (YC) continues to translate this vision into action since its very inception.

The Social Welfare Department keeps on planning various activities and excursions to different places in order to invigorate the love for humanity in everyone’s hearts. Through these small but meaningful efforts, YC aims to encourage others to become positive individuals. Only then can they work for the deen of Allah and the betterment of the society.

The table below provides a snapshot of the activities done over the past few years. With a revamping of the team in 2013-14, the department arose with a new vigor and a new determination, aspiring for bigger dreams and hopes.


Winter Clothing Drive

Winter Clothing drive is a regular activity executed by YC cares every year. We totally feel for the underprivileged people who are at the serious risk with their families in freezing temperatures. Firstly, Youth Club initiated the collection of winter clothing from the privileged communities of Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. In the second stage, with the help of our vigilant team and volunteers, we made sure each item was cleaned properly before packing. 

The quality check procedure during cloth4ing drives goes like this: First, we sort out each item of clothing according to age and gender and then critically look through for ragged and unclean pieces and separate from the decent and wearable clothes. Later, we mend the torn clothes and get the dirty clothes washed before the next stage. 

A day is specifically allotted for the neat wrapping and tagging as per size and gender on  each packed item. Systematic packing makes it easier for the distribution team to hand over the right size to the recipient. In 2020, we were able to distribute clothes  among 200 families comprising more than 1500 individuals. Again in 2021, the number of beneficiaries doubled, making a total of 400 families who were able to receive the packages of winter clothing.


Families Covered

Individuals Covered


Families Covered


Covid-19 Donation Drive

The Covid-19 pandemic hit hard around the globe and has affected people in various ways. Communities have been striving harder to survive as their sources of income have come to a halt. Amid these challenging times, YC cares strived hard to provide ration packs to needy families. In the year 2020, we were able to reach out to 700 families nationwide from the main cities all the way to remote areas with the support of our donors who funded generously during these tough times.

Families Covered


Ramadan Distribution & Iftaar

Ration distribution is a regular feature of YC social welfare activities to help those underprivileged people who are fasting during Ramadan.  Our team make ration packets consisting of essentials such as: flour, rice, a variety of pulses, basic spices, sugar, vermicelli and Rooh Afza. 

Our social welfare team from all the chapters work hard with their volunteers and make sure ration packets are packed properly and sent to slums or remote areas around the main cities all over Pakistan. In 2021, 300 families were catered during the ration distribution drive. 

Ration distribution by YC cares will continue at an elevated pace to provide food assistance to families, so they are able to focus on worship during Ramadan without having to worry about food.







The main purpose of the welfare department is to help humanity in the best way possible and the department welcomes anyone and everyone to come and volunteer in its welfare activities. Let’s all join hands and make this world a better place by helping humanity and inspiring positive change within society.

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