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  1. What is YC Blog? 

The blog represents Youth Club’s message of spreading the message of Islam in a positive and interesting light through written articles and posts on the Blog’s website and social media. 

  1. Where can I find YC Blog online? 

You can find us on the internet through our website: 

Our Facebook page is: 

Our Instagram handle is: @youthclubblog 

  1. What kind of articles do you accept at the YC Blog? 

Islamic in nature, motivational, nonbiased, non-political, and positive.

  1. How do I write for YC Blog? 

By choosing an appropriate Islamic topic, reading and following the submission guidelines (very and sending your articles through email.

  1. How do I contact the YC Blog team? 

You can contact us at

  1. How long do articles take to review?

2-3 weeks.

  1. My article has been accepted. When will it be published? 

Articles are scheduled according to their topics and relevance. Scheduling varies for every article, so no exact time frame can be mentioned. However, you can always contact to know the status of your article.

  1. Do you inform authors whether their article has been accepted or rejected? 

Yes, we do. 

  1. What format do you accept submissions in? 

We accept submissions through Word Document or Google Document (with the sharing public so we are able to edit). Word document is preferable.

  1. What are some common mistakes authors make in their submissions? 

Common mistakes that authors make are not following the submission guidelines, not including proper references, not proofreading their article for language errors, and not including their name in the article. 

  1. My article has been published but I have noticed some errors. Can I inform the editorial team? 

Yes, but note that if it is a minuscule error, we might not be able to take out time to edit it. 

  1. Can I submit articles in Urdu? 


  1. I haven’t received a reply from YC Blog after submitting my article. What should I do? 

You can send an email to concerning the status of your article. 

  1. Do writers get paid? 


  1. How do I join the YC Blog team?

You can wait for our Volunteers Recruitment Call which is occasionally launched through the Youth Club Blog official pages and the Youth Club official pages. 

  1. Can I submit poetry?

Yes, you can.

  1. Why did my article get rejected? 

Articles are rejected that do not follow our submission guidelines. Common reasons why an article is rejected is because the topic chosen is not suitable or has been already written about on the Blog; the article has too many language errors; the article contains too many unreferenced statements; the article’s content has been plagiarised. 

Can I include pictures in my article? 

Yes, you can attach the HD quality image along with your article in the email (not in your article). Make sure no face is shown and no woman is in the image. Choose royalty-free images with no copyrights issues. You can refer to Unsplash, Pexels, Freepik and more. If you are downloading a picture from these websites, please include the link to the original picture in your email so we can verify that it is copyright-free. However, YC Blog reserves all authority to approve and reject the submitted images as per our guidelines and aesthetics. 

  1. Do you check for plagiarism? 

Yes, we do and we do not publish plagiarized content. It will get you blacklisted from future submissions.

  1. I have already published my article elsewhere. Can I publish the same article at YC Blog? 

No, you cannot. Until and unless you take it down from there and then submit for YC Blog. 

  1. How do I join Youth Club? 

If you want to join YC, please visit and follow all our official social media pages. We regularly post opportunities to join YC in a volunteer capacity. Additionally, you can also attend a YC halaqah or event near you and talk to YC Members there for more information.  

  1. Where can I find Youth Club’s Social Media? 

You can find all the links on Youth Club’s official website.

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