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Youth Club’s 2016 – Year in Review

At the close of 2016, Youth Club reminisces its exciting new projects, the fun-filled activities, the laughs, the tears, the events, the tours and all those wonderful moments that it experienced throughout the year. Not being able to share everything in words or pictures, we bring for you a brief review of our year so you can have a share in our memories too.



  • Youth Club established its HQ office in January!
  • Over 13 sisters of the YC team enrolled in a 3 year Quran course that started in January, Alhamdolillah!
  • More than 100 amulets were opened and destroyed by the CEO, Raja Zia ul Haq.
  • The YC sisters had their long-awaited first swimming event.
  • Youth Club launched its Telegram channel,
  • The team visited an old home to spread love and gifts.
  • Several classes were started under top-notch scholars at the YC office for the team, including Arabic, Usool ul Fiqh, Emaan (faith) etc. 
  • YCL launched its counselling services which were warmly welcomed by the public and catered to more than hundred young people.  
  • Youth Club Karachi had their biggest event, Crossroads, featuring many local and international speakers.
  • The brothers went on an exciting bike-trip to the northern areas.
  • The YCI team braved through the month of Ramadan in absence of the CEO, Raja Zia ul Haq, while successfully conducting 10 Ramadan exclusive courses.
  • YCK conducted 8 Ramadan halaqahs around their city while YCL conducted many in Lahore!
  • Youth Club Lahore launched its video series “Reminder series” on social media.
  • Several team members, brothers and sisters, observed aitikaf during the last ‘ashrah of the blessed month!
  • The sisters formed a special team and conducted dawah stalls in several institutes across the twin cities.
  • #JagoUthoBadalDo, the YC hashtag trended locally on Twitter before the event day!
  • The first ever youth conference was organized at Kunri, Sindh. 
  • Youth Club Karachi had its exciting dawah stall for 2 days at Talent Expo Karachi, the expo being attended by 30,000+ people.
  • YC raised the benchmark for its biggest ever female event, by holding the highly appraised “Being Her” event in F9 Park.
  • YC collaborated, hosted and worked with AlKauthar, Azaan, Live Deen, Role Model Institute, Alhuda International, Burooj Institute, IOU Speakers and many local scholars across different chapters. 
  • Youth Club Lahore launched a unique campaign “The Ultimate Role Model”, to educate the youth about the character and attributes of Prophet ﷺ
  • The brothers initiated spiritually enriching Fajr sessions at masajid!
  • YC acquired a drone phantom 3 for media productions.
  • The YCI team bid farewell to their longest standing president and the last of the founding sisters of YC, as the Karachi team welcomed her into their chapter.
  • Instagram competitions were held with many participating in it.
  • YCL conducted two mega events for the year 2016 which were attended by 300+ youth!
  • YC conducted its first ever major online event, Back on Track.
  • YC’s Facebook page hit the massive 40k likes milestone!
  • The teams successfully (well, almost) pulled off surprise parties for the ex-president YCI, ex-operations manager YCI and the standing CEO, Raja Zia ul Haq.



  • YC conducted a whopping 600+ talks throughout the year.
  • More than 42,000 lives were touched and inspired.
  • Approximately 50+ institutes were visited by Youth Club where life-changing workshops were held, including LUMS, EME, NUST, FAST and IBA (among others). 
  • YCL alone conducted 30+ workshops catering to various problems of the youth.




Sidra Naz of the Social Welfare department said:
“I must say I have totally transformed into a new person, I was crawling before and #YCTaughtMe to walk and then run towards the Deen of Allah”

Sana Aslam, a valuable member of YCI who shifted to Lahore a few months ago, shared her feelings:
“YC is my family in which I have my sisters, my friends, my teachers and they supported me to take new initiatives, maintain balance in life and have fun….
…Side by side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by heart!”

Ishaq bin Sadiq, President of YCK, shared the following words:
“As the president of Youth Club Karachi for the past 2 years, I have learned a lot. I consider it a blessing for myself to be a part of Youth Club and at the same time a big responsibility. Youth Club is my passion and everything for me. For past 2 years, Youth Club Karachi is becoming better and better everyday and the team is working dedicatedly in changing the lives of youth. May Allah accept our efforts and help us in the cause.”

Sana Azaz, the Decor Manager and a dedicated member who currently resides in the USA, had to say:
“My best moment of 2016?
Every moment, where I learnt something and I felt like my faith elevated at that point…

…YC has expanded especially this year, this is what I observed and that’s an amazing thing, welcoming new people. And it’s YC speciality that it has people from every field, and they are very special on their own.”

Hajrah Khawar, Ex-President of YCI who left in October of this year, said:
“Looking back at my 5 years spent in YC, and seeing it grow from an idea to this inspiring and happening organization, all I can say is YC gave me a lot! It taught me many lessons; in relationship and dealings with others, in what true friendship really is, what living for a purpose is like, what spreading love and hope means, what working in the way of Allah is, what absolutely loving your work means, how without dawah we can lead empty lives…
…a big thank you to the amazing people of Youth Club, may you always remain this amazing and be rewarded amazingly”.

Mohammad Ali, President of YCL, said:
“…Despite all the difficulties …Youth Club Lahore stood up, adopted wisdom and kept the da’wah work alive in Lahore. Youth Club Lahore inspired hundreds of youth towards the deen, through its regular workshops, courses and street da’wah.
…YCL is looked upon as a source of guidance for the educated youth as to how to be a Muslim in the 21st century. We were approached by several institutes, to name some: University of Punjab, LUMS, UET, AIMS, SIMS, as well as Akhuwat – the biggest microfinancing organisation – to conduct sessions and workshops. Hundreds of students and professionals got inspired and expressed desire to become part of Youth Club.”

Sana Taha, an amazing new addition to the YC team, shared the following:
“I just joined YC this year and it has been amazing. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to work with a motivated group of people who don’t get competitive against each other. YC showed me that it’s possible to be positive, upbeat and still give your best to your work…
… I am honored to have worked at YC and I am grateful to everyone at YC for showing me a better side of work ethics.”

Mohsin Cheema, an active and loyal member of YC, had to say:
“For me YC is not just an organisation, YC is a lifestyle! Every year we make new trends, set new records and achieve new milestones. We don’t settle for ordinary, we aim for excellence.
YC has touched many lives, including mine, and I am forever indebted to it. 2016 has been a phenomenal year for YC. We produced top-notch workshops, trainings, fun-filled activities, pizza parties, soccer camps, nights-out for boys and much more.
One thing that inspires me the most about YC, and that keeps me motivated, is the brotherhood that we share, it is beyond words. Simply the best company in town!”

Fiza Khan, the President of Youth Club Islamabad, shared her feelings with us:
“YC started as a dream, an aspiration for me. I remember making silly plans with friends to get our way into YC, after chasing around all their events around the city… YC was a motivation, a driving force for me when I was coming to the deen, a platform for me to channel my energies when I was trying to keep myself from channelling them for the negative… If I believed in their mission, I wanted to take it up as a personal responsibility and make my own little path. Never could I imagine, so soon will I get to be the one laden with the responsibility to manage the platform in such a capacity.
Youth Club has always been my happy place. It’s my go-to spot when I feel down, to work and feel that perhaps I’ve helped inspire a little positive change in the world… It’s where work feels rewarding, work feels fun, work always has room for creativity and experiment – and where work meetings feel like happy get-togethers because of the YC sisterhood.”

Zuha Bari, Social Media Manager of YC, said:
“The day I joined it, my life has never been the same!
Sometimes, I really wonder what would I’ve been doing with my life if YC wasn’t there!
…. YC has motivated me at every step. For me, YC is every thing…
My best moment of YC in 2016… when we gave a surprise to the world’s best ameer, And secondly (though it’s a bit sad too), we gave a surprise farewell party to our friend, sister and ex ameerah,… our hearts are always tied with the love of Allah, no matter how far we go from each other!”

Nadeem Ashraf, Ex-Operations Manager of YC who shifted to the UK in February, said:
“For me, the growth of YC in 2016 means the growth of dynamic style da’wah. In an increasingly doom and gloom world for the ummah around the world,the da’wah of YC comes as an increasingly breath of fresh air. As someone who is honoured to be in touch with many da’wah teams around the world, I receive glowing tributes from du’aat about YC’s unique style in the world of da’wah. 2016 has been a very positive year for team YC and as long as we are sincere, we can only go from strength to strength”.

Wrapping up YC’s 2016, in the words of the esteemed CEO, Raja Zia ul Haq:
“By the immense mercy of Allah, it is a matter of great satisfaction and joy to watch Youth Club, like a bright young child, growing bigger and stronger each year. I feel truly privileged to be a part of this wonderful organization; to be one of those who have dedicated their lives to bring about a positive change in society. Alhamdulillah, in the year 2016, we have visited hundreds of institutes, delivered over a thousand lectures, talks and workshops, and inspired countless individuals to transform their lives for the better.
May Allah accept from us and may He grant us the ability to continue on stronger.
In short; It’s been emotional!

I request you all to remember us in your duas. For indeed, some of our greatest achievements never make it to the internet.”






This is not the whole story, it is only the first page. But it is the beginning of a beautiful journey, amid hopes and prayers, leading to what’s best out there inshaAllah :’)

Youth Club inspiring positive change!




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  1. Amazing and Truly inspiring…my first interaction with YC was back in October 2014, while studying at NUST I heard about one of YC events and couldn’t resist to go and have fruitful 5 hours of motivating experience. Zia bhai seemed to be the person I had been looking for long, a person who can guide someone about balancing the deen and dunya.
    Prayers with YC club and its’ mission. May ALLAH give you more strength to guide and motivate people towards the word of ALLAH.

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