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“Nourishing the mind, body and soul of
​ young individuals”

In an age of utter confusion and desperation, when parents are struggling to get their children out of the rooms and into the playgrounds, Youth Club comes along and gives parents an exciting option. YC provides a place for the children where they will not only learn football skills but will become well-rounded individuals who are well-equipped mentally, emotionally and socially.

In the process of ridding the kids of the habit of extensive device usage, Youth Club Football Academy will not bore the children beyond oblivion, but instead it’ll provide wholesome alternatives to spend time. The whole purpose of YCFA is to nourish the mind, body and soul of young individuals in a fun and contemporary way.

A premier academy which is located in the beautiful city of Islamabad with state-of-the-art facilities, interactive sessions on character building, personality development by expert professionals, nutrition tips, diet plans, adventure trips, pizza parties and also official matches with different clubs. YCFA provides a supportive and interactive platform that allows our coaches to impart valuable emotional and physical guidance through football training and social counseling. Our mission is to provide our youth the tools to become upstanding active members of society wherever life leads them. YCFA’s one-of-a-kind program has been carefully curated by expert counselors and trained football coaches to give its members the best opportunity to fortify their character and awaken their minds and bodies.

Two sessions take place weekly at the YCFA, which is located in on street 55, G-10/3, with an average of 30 students in attendance in each session. Every session starts with warm-up training, followed by a friendly match either between the players or with another team. A qualified football coach oversees all football activities. As character-building is an essential element of the YCFA program, there is usually a talk given on problems that the children face on a daily basis by a YC-trained speaker after the match wherein players are encouraged to engage. Along with the regular football sessions, YCFA arranges for other activities that allow the players to become a true community bound by fun and learning.

Some Salient Features include a grass playing field, covered ground from all sides that’s safe for kids, 4 professional coaches training at a time, affordable fee structure with respect to the facilities provided with a one-time registration fee. Discounts are also provided for multiple siblings that are enrolled together. YCFA caters to a broad age group, we have different groups where children are adjusted into their respective categories within the age limits of 5-18 year olds.

Some parents have expressed their contentment
with YCFA in the following way:

“YCFA has been a dua come true for me! I always wished to see a
club in Pakistan where young pre-teen boys have the opportunity to
           interact with their peers in a wholesome environment.”

“YCFA has been true to the essence of Islam where enjoyment and
strong character-building lessons are intertwined in a fun-filled way.
I hope to see these youngsters become well-rounded Muslims and
leaders of their community.”

“All my sincerest duas are for the future of YCFA and the young
                         minds they are enriching!”
                                      – Mrs. Faiza Amir

Anyone interested in YCFA can contact us through YCFA socials or
directly contact us at 0346-5324090

Endorsement of Zakat and Sadqat Youth Club