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“Mommy Special”- Crafting with Kids in Ramadan!

[Guest Post for YC Blog – by a mother for parents looking for ideas on keeping their kids busy and excited during Ramadan, specially the last 10 days]

With the dawn of Ramadan, I thought about a bit older kids, The ones who have started fasting last year or who will be fasting this year or the next. I sat down to do my research and allowed my creative juices to flow so that I could come up with fun crafts for them, crafts that are more age appropriate and a bit challenging than simple cutting/pasting or colouring pages.

My justification being: the best way to teach and engage a kid is by letting them ‘do’ something. Living in the West I noticed that even months before the start of December, kids are inundated by all the activities and shows and events relating to Christmas, I feel there is a stark lack of the same when it comes to Ramadan, specially for the kids aged 6-7 and above.

Following are 6 fun Ramadan crafts older kids will love to do:

1) Calligraphy Wall Art

This is a very simple project, you trace/print the calligraphy picture and color it with sharpie. Kids of 5 years and above should be able to do it with parental help.



2) Masjid Sun Catcher using Beads

This project is good for 6 years and older, because it is a little trickier and requires parental supervision while using the oven. But again even younger kids can make their own random patterns (in a cupcake tray) and bake it to reveal awesome patterns of a sun catcher.


3) Masjid Puffy Paint

This had been such a fun craft and my toddlers loved helping me with it. With help of a parent, kids above 3 years can do this craft. Younger  kids can still get to mix the batter which is the favourite part of my 2 year old. And older kids can do this craft from start till end.


4)  Painted Rocks

Again, both my toddlers loved colouring on the rock, though they needed parental supervision, because the rocks were hot and then I just finished the rocks, writing ‘Alhamdulillah’ and ‘Muhammad Rasool Allah’ (SAW). 3 year olds and above should be able to do it easily.


5) Lantern Shrinky Dink

This craft is for older kids, with Parental supervision 5 year olds and above should be able to trace and colour the pattern and might be able to cut it as well, and the parent will get to help and bake.


6) Foil Art Wall Decor

4 year olds and above should be able to pull this craft, while their parent will need to help them with the glue gun part.



I have been so obsessed with crafting that I undertook a 15 day craft challenge here. And I am hoping to add more crafts there as well.

Hopefully they will inspire you enough to gather your supplies and give it a shot.



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