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Ramadan Reflections: Finding Calm through Allah (SWT)’s Perfect Attributes

This is the #story of a blessing, not a story of pain. It’s the last third of the night, and I am lying wide awake in bed with the sort of sadness that turns the heart sore and heavy.

A lecture on Surah Duha reaches me at that moment, and despite how many times I have heard it and read it, this experience feels utterly new. And through it, Allah (SWT) mends my heart for the hundredth time for He is Al-Jabbar (The Restorer, The Repairer, The All Compelling). I feel light. Soon after, the night passes. Soon after, there is light.

Has something similar ever happened to you?

The thing is that Al-Baseer (The All-Seeing) watches over us like a caring mother watches over her dear baby in pain. Of course, when it comes to His care and love, there is no one like unto Him. So, when you receive a message of comfort at what seems like the perfect time, it’s by no coincidence.

You may attribute that verse or video that popped up to the algorithm. Afterall, your socials do have algorithms, no denying, but there’s a force above it: your perfectly timed destiny written by Allah (SWT) and planned to the tiniest details with so much love. After all, He is Al-Lateef (The Knower of Subtleties, The Most Gentle).

Al-Lateef implies that Allah (SWT) is aware of the minutest detail and is precise beyond our imagination, even if we fail to see it. He is so subtle that at times we do not remotely realise how every little bit and bob in the machinery of our destiny is actually working in our favour. He is gentle in how He lovingly deals with us with the deepest attention to detail.

Every single thing that happens, big or small, happens with His permission. So no, it’s never a coincidence, nothing is. For you to have reached the end of this post isn’t either. Nor for you to #read:

“By the Daybreak And the night when it darkens Your Lord has not abandoned you, nor is He upset, And indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has passed And verily Your Lord will soon give you so much that you will be pleased” [Quran 93:5]

This #Ramadan, let’s strive to live by Allah (SWT)’s beautiful names, for it’d be the best thing we can do on the path to knowing Him In Sha Allah.

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